SHARKTOOTH® Motorcycle Bluetooth® Entertainment System

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The SHARK SHARKTOOTH® keeps you connected to your Bluetooth® hands-free equipment while riding a motorcycle. You can listen to music, answer your phone calls, communicate with another motorcycle*, follow your GPS...

The SHARKTOOTH® fits all helmets but is especially designed for the SHARK Helmets that are SHARKTOOTH® ready.

  • Extra flat for more discretion,
  • Wireless hand-free kit for cellular phones,
  • High quality 1W RMS speakers,
  • Motorcycle to motorcycle intercom *,
  • Stereo Bluetooth A2D music streaming,
  • Background noise reduction, automatic volume adjustment.

*Motorcycle to motorcycle Intercom has a 1,500 feet range approx.

The SHARK SHARKTOOTH® will fit the following SHARK Helmets Models:

CAUTION! Do not forget:  drive safely and within the law. Check if the national or local legislation in power in your country does not limit the use of mobile devices while driving.