Race-R Pro Helmet Racing #1 GP Spoiler Black

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SHARK Helmets RACE-R PRO GP SPOILER is a racing helmet made by racers for racers!

SHARK Helmets RACE-R PRO GP SPOILER  is the latest version of the iconic RACE-R PRO model, flagship of SHARK’s Racing line, which has been an integral part of over 200 victories at world speed championships. Built for the track, this high-end, widely recognizable version has been fitted with an aero- dynamic spoiler designed specifically for racing.

The high-performance aerodynamic profile, achieved through close collaboration between SHARK’s R&D teams and our MotoGP racers, is the successful result of state-of-the-art testing based on CDF (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations. The RACE-R PRO GP has been equipped with a spoiler designed to optimize aerodynamic performance when traveling at very high speed (on authorized tracks), this spoiler produces lower aerodynamic drag, eliminates undesirable vibration effects, and offers the rider greater stability along with a tweaked top speed.

The spoiler is completed by a specific chin guard profile designed for racing that reduces the exposed surface area of the helmet in back of the fairing to lower the drag even more.

SHARK Helmets RACE-R PRO GP SPOILER  ventilation system is a synthesis of the most efficient ventilation

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