Evo Gt Helmet Encke Matte Black / Anthracite / Anthracite

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EVO-GT Always the reference. The ultimate evolution of the original EVO concept. SHARK, the creator of the EVO concept, goes even further with a «Grand Touring» model of its new modular helmet: the EVO-GT. Always comfortable, whether in the full-face or jet position, the EVO-GT is the latest addition to the EVO concept.


As comfortable in the jet as in the full face position, this premium model benefits from the latest SHARK innovations to satisfy the most demanding users. Rugged, comfortable and practical, the motorcycle EVO-GT helmet eats up the miles: it is the ideal partner whatever the route! Switching from a jet to a full face helmet has never been so easy and safe.

Unequaled premium comfort both statically and dynamically. This new generation modular benefits from the patented Auto-up & Auto-down shortcut system, which allows the screen to automatically rise when the chin bar is adjusted.

Equipped with a Class 1 optical screen, it offers incomparable quality of vision. The EVO-GT is equipped with the “V-Tech Locking System” which allows optimised locking of the chin bar for increased safety and ergonomics.

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