SHARK Helmets Safety

**WARNING** Use of a non DOT approved helmet in the USA, could resolve in severe personal injuries or even death of an accident. We strongly recommend that you stop further use of this helmet and purchase a helmet certified for use in the USA. **


SHARK Helmets Complies with SHARP Crash Test Norms

SHARK Helmets constructs its helmets under ultra-modern, hi-tech performance manufacturing processes placing safety firmly at the center of all concerns. A close working relationship with its racers enables SHARK Helmets to elevate performance and safety levels under all conditions of use for maximum security.

What makes the difference? We design our helmets to exceed all current helmet safety standards. The consistent test results that have been awarded by the independent SHARP helmet tests are evidence: from 4 to 5 stars on all SHARK full face models tested, from S700 to Race -R PRO.

* SHARP is an independent British helmet test initiated by the U.K. government that initially launched the Euro NCap standard in the automobile industry. (

A number of quality control tests are carried out in our own laboratories to ensure optimum quality all throughout the production phase. SHARK Helmets exceed all current safety standards in all the countries where they are distributed.


SHARP The Helmet Safety Scheme

SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Program) is a control and rating program for helmets. This UK label aims at guiding riders towards the most protective helmets. The tests have been organized by the UK department for transport, and the concept was made by the same department that initiated the NCAP rating in the car industry. All our helmets that have been tested show very positive results, demonstrating the merits of our efforts. SHARK Race-R PRO carries 5 out of 5 stars

SHARK Helmets Race-R PRO Five Stars at SHARP Tests SHARK Helmets EvoLine series3 Five Stars at SHARP Tests SHARK Helmets Speed-R Four Stars at SHARP Tests

SHARK Helmets Vision-R Four Stars at SHARP TestsSHARK Helmets S700 Four Stars at SHARP Tests


SHARK helmets are approved for the safety standards for all countries where distributed

  • ECE R 22/05
  • DOT FMVSS 218 USA/Canada
  • INM NBR 7471/2001 Brasil
  • AS/NZS 1698/2006 Australia/New-Zealand