Our flagship carbon fiber full-face helmet, the SHARK Helmets RACE-R PRO model, is one of the first helmets developed using CFD technology (Computational Fluid Simulation). This technology confers an optimal ventilation and penetration through air for low-drag and optimum stability at high speed. 

No compromise was made on security as SHARK Helmets RACE-R PRO is recognized as one of the world's safest helmets, earning 5 stars at the SHARP crash test.

SHARK Helmets RACE-R PRO also comes with its outer carbon fiber layer exposed. This version is the RACE-R PRO CARBON.

The SHARK Helmets RACE-R PRO GP is the ultimate track focused racing helmet by SHARK.

Conceived in tight collaboration with SHARK Helmets MotoGP racers and based on the iconic RACE-R PRO, this high-end racing helmets includes a rear spoiler that drastically reduces aerodynamics drag.

The SHARK Helmets RACE-R PRO GP includes specific features like anodized parts and specific chin curtain to increase performance. It also come with a fully loaded comprehensive pack including a SHARK Racing Division carrying bag and a replacement visor.