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New addition to the SHARK Helmets range: SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Neon!

SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Neon Features

SHARK Helmets has revealed a new addition to its extensive 2018 helmet line-up; SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Neon. This new helmet follows the path of the popular, urban helmet; DRAK that has people turning heads.

The SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Neon shares the same shell-shape as the SHARK Helmets DRAK as well as an aggressive attitude. But its individuality comes from the quasi-frame less goggles that offers a wider vision as well as a new mask design.

It also features a new “Easy-clip” fastening system between the goggles and the mouth mask.

There are two color options available for the SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Neon with a fluorescent and black finish on the YKK color code. The second color is the AKK color code, which has a new matte silver finish. Available now in sizes S to XL with a MSRP of $299,99.

The interior of SHARK Helmets STREET-DRAK Neon has been designed to accommodate glasses with a hassle free fit, as the glasses sit in a recessed partition of the interior lining, with the SHARK Easy Fit System.

It has a pocket for SHARKTOOTH© Bluetooth communication system and efficient ventilation is ensured with a large air inlet situated on top of the helmet.

To locate your nearest SHARK Helmets dealer in the USA visit SHARK Helmets dealer locator page.

shark-helmets-street-drak-street-neon-matte-yellow-he3300dykk-front-left_1024x1024.jpg shark-helmets-street-drak-street-neon-matte-yellow-he3300dykk-front_large.jpg shark-helmets-street-drak-street-neon-matte-yellow-he3300dykk-back-left_1024x1024.jpg

shark-helmets-street-drak-street-neon-matte-dark-grey-he3300dakk-front-left_1024x1024.jpg shark-helmets-street-drak-street-neon-matte-dark-grey-he3300dakk-front_large.jpg shark-helmets-street-drak-street-neon-matte-dark-grey-he3300dakk-back-left_1024x1024.jpg



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